You're a Beautiful Soul who dreams of following her Heart...

  • Your current job/life feels like it’s killing your soul and dreams every day that you stay in it, you know that deep down you have so much more potential! 

  • But at the same time you feel so unsure and unclear! You question LITERALLY everything on what your purpose/passion/destiny really feels like you are literally going round and round in circles in your mind, convincing and re-convincing yourself, thinking you just need to think a little bit more to get clear and sort your life out, as NOTHING feels certain or right....and no matter how much more you think, it’s not getting you anywhere, it’s driving you crazy! 

  • You’re not even sure what you truly LOVE in life anymore, you feel like you have lost your passion/sparkle - you used to feel so passionate, energetic, ambitious, motivated, you KNEW what you loved, but you have lost that spark inside you! 

  • You constantly beat yourself up with negative self-criticism, deep down you don’t feel capable, good enough or lucky enough for all that you dream of! You feel you’re not ‘there’ yet to be good enough for everything you dream and desire, because you’re not where you feel you should be in life…you feel so behind! 

  • You feel exhausted, burnt out, like you never have enough energy for life, no matter how much you sleep, you don’t feel truly energised, you don’t feel ‘together’ at all, you’re constantly worrying and having massive anxiety over everything! 

  • You are super sensitive to criticism and take and feel it on a deeper soul level, you feel small and vulnerable inside in who you are, you feel like you want to hide, like you are putting on a mask to others and can’t truly be yourself or say how you’re really feeling, you’re a people pleaser and struggle with standing up for yourself. You’re constantly questioning whether you’re too paranoid/emotional/sensitive, you question whether you are ‘right’ in who you are and deep down wonder whether there is something *wrong* with you....whether you are *crazy*! You feel alone in your dreams, no one around you really gets it or believes in you or supports you in the way you truly need. 

  • You secretly wonder if deep down you are doomed in life (!) ...whether you aren’t meant to be truly happy, that you are ‘meant’ to struggle and have it hard...and maybe you aren’t anybody to dream of the things you dream of, and that you should settle down and be ‘grateful’ where you are right now. You wonder whether your dreams are one big delusional mistake and you‘re making a mess of your life..! 

  • You just really don’t know what to do, but you can’t take the frustration of your life feeling like this any longer! No matter how hard and impossible things feel, there is a STRONG part of you that won’t give up believing in and following your dreams! But no matter how hard you try, you just CAN’T move forward, you don’t know HOW to or WHAT to do, you are literally glued to where you are, and feel sooooo stuck in a rut and you crave change like yesterday!!

If you know this is you I want to inspire you to believe in dreams, believe in more & believe in you! 

...Because I was once you! 

 I’m just a little girl who was always dreaming and wanted my life to be my own fairytale and vision of happy ever after, and make my wildest dreams come true, and I know you do too, your Dreams CAN come true!


To My Beautiful Heart-Centred Souls…. I’m Uma! I'm a Fashion Designer & Heart-inspired life coach/mentor here to guide you to your dreams and inspire you to truly believe in the amazing you!

Because the ONLY thing that is standing in between you and your dreams is the illusions…..the INVISIBLE brick walls created by your mind….which is ONLY that!

Anything is possible! Your dreams CAN come true!

They are MEANT to come true! What you feel in your heart is REAL! It is your SOUL whispering you to follow your destiny! And you can’t fail at what you’re meant to do! You can’t fail when you’re so true to you and follow your heart’s pathway and create a life that's true to your heart even when it feels impossible!

Just over 9 months ago I booked a one-way ticket to BALI and walked away from my whole life to follow my dreams and most importantly my HEART!

I didn't have the money, I didn't know how it was going to work out, I didn't have a back-up plan but it was a HEART-FELT decision that has created MAGIC in my life ~ I went from literally broke, & being surrounded by abuse in my personal life, to completely changing my life to creating my own income that allows me to live my dream laptop/location-free lifestyle in Bali

  • I have found my SOUL home, my DREAM paraidise, living in Bali, an Island I'm absolutely in love with - I wake up with excitement passion and purpose just knowing my heart is in exactly the right place!

  •  I have made glamorous SOULmate friends who I could only dream of....who are so on my level I have to pinch myself! Who believe in the same things I do (like manifestation and mindset)….who are following dreams …and passionate about living a life of purpose, we inspire, SUPPORT and light each other up! Our dreams are normal!

  • I have launched my SOUL purpose & passion based business (my swimwear brand, my online coaching business, my blog, this e-course ;-))where I can write about self growth and inspire and coach amazing kind-hearted women to follow their dreams which I LOVE and is when I feel most in my flow som designing & creating my fashion dreams in a way that's true to me. I created my business EXACTLY how I had been dreaming of for so long!  

  •  I am living my SOUL lifestyle that feels completely true to me, that I could only once dream of! I am able to live my dream laptop/location-freedom lifestyle! I get to live in a beautiful villa with a pool. I get to go to the beach everyday, spend my days hanging out and working at amazing beach / pool clubs, beautiful cafes, go to amazing restaurants for dinner, go out dancing and have cocktails with friends, do yoga….pole dancing, meditate, journal, ride my *pink* scooter around this beautiful island, get lost in gorgeous fashion and interior design boutiques and fabric stores!....&.... I can drink out of coconuts every day(!!!)  

  • I get to work for an amazing women's charity school here in Bali with a vision that I believe in, and personally teach, empower and support underpriviledged girls to get jobs in 5* hotels here in Bali.

  • And I know I have many more amazing dreams and ideas that are coming to life every day!

....and I really truly and deeply desire to give you the belief in yourself to massively change your life to create your own dreams and happiness! 

Because life is MEANT to be DREAMY, MAGICAL & BLISSFUL!

& I know the heartache of having fear, and lack of confidence hold you back SO much from what you want, and how you allow other people to sway your doubt and belief in you, and you really don't realise how POSSIBLE your dreams are, how AMAZING & CAPABLE the true you is, no matter what anyone else thinks or tells you! 

Which is why…I created my 4 week e-course for you my Beautiful Soul to support you in getting super clear on the true you, your true dreams, passion & purpose, & how to eliminate your fear & self-doubt so you can make your dreams come true!

I want to inspire the Dreamer in you to follow your DREAMS, through igniting your heart’s purpose and passion and developing an inner-connection to your soul to LOVE and BELIEVE in yourself …to live truly from your heart, to SHINE and strive to be the most POWERFUL evolved, STAR version of you! 

To aim for the STARS, because your dreams and desires so absolutely CAN come true….they are DESTINED to come true!! 

To believe in YOU & connect within to your true self because that is where the most MAGICAL POWERFUL you lies! The you who is so worthy, beautiful and infinitely good enough right now… 

...Let's Do This!!


“When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true" - Pinocchio 

I always dreamed of working in fashion, becoming a fashion designer and having my own label, whilst being drawn to the glamorous city life of London!

& I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunities I have manifested on my journey:

  •  Working with the top couture designers I adored in London AND New York 
  •  Attending shows at London, Paris and New York Fashion Week
  •  Being sent to Paris Fashion Week to organise and put on a couture showroom for the first designer I worked for out of college
  •  Starting my own fashion brand in London and getting funding for it
  •  Sponsorship and collaborations with brands like Swarovski, Anna Wintour’s personal make-up artist, London’s prestigious hair salon Michael John, Jessica Nails, antique dealers, and beauty brands!
  •  My designs featured in publications like the Daily Mail, magazines sold in Selfridges, and Vogue Italia
  •  My designs being worn by models, bloggers, reality TV stars, and opportunities to dress up-and-coming actresses for Cannes and movie premieres, and featured on sites like
  •  Holding my own fashion show during London Fashion Week at the Hilton Waldorf, and taking my collection to Paris Fashion Week
  •  Invited to participate in International Fashion shows
  •  Hired to be Designer for 3 start-up swimwear companies with my designs worn by glamour models, bloggers, and reality TV stars worldwide
  •  The opportunity to attend an international $5k course conference with the Matchmaking Institute where I got matchmaker training, glamorous insight into the matchmaking industry and to work for London’s top matchmaker!
  •  Friends who are like my soul sisters!
  •  My dream team! I always attract the loveliest people who reach out to me because they want to help me and collaborate with me because they genuinely LOVE my work and vision, from around the world.

Whilst I have experienced and manifested some amazing things in my best moments, 

I have also experienced LOTs of the opposite, and also massively sabotaged myself with my MAJOR lack of confidence, FEARS, and limiting beliefs in feeling so unworthy of this all….

I have always struggled with not believing in me, feeling small, not good enough….and like I couldn’t ever be the real me….I was a people pleaser who felt like I was living behind a mask, always listening to and believing others over me!

After 8 years following my childhood dreams to be a fashion designer, I started to listen to how I was feeling, how *dead* my soul felt inside, how I was literally riding this constant wave of intense fear, self-doubt and unworthiness.

I felt this deep unhappiness and purposelessness, I didn’t feel true to myself…how this just couldn’t be it….that my fashion dreams didn’t feel like a dream…! I never felt good enough in my work and who I was! I felt like a fraud fashion designer waiting to be caught out(!!!) 

I felt like the industry was this popular ‘club’ that I would never feel like I ‘belonged’ to and I was always chasing this sense of ‘fitting in’! I was relentlessly pushing myself to please others, to prove me battling against my creativity, constantly questioning whether my work was good enough….basing all my self worth on others’ opinions and criticisms, and no matter how hard I worked or how well things went didn’t feel ‘right’… I was living the life I was meant to be,

..that this couldn’t just be it,

...this didn’t feel like I was living into my purpose and destiny,

...that I was living to my fullest potential, that I was giving the world my truest ME!

I had this feeling deep inside that there was so much more I could be and do in a way that felt more alive and more me!


I got to such a low point when i was 26/27 where I didn’t think I could EVER pick myself back up! I literally stopped believing in my dreams to the point I didn't know who I was anymore!

I couldn’t hold onto these amazing things because my fear ALWAYS kicked in and then I lost what I had and detracted it away from me….

e.g. I BURNT myself out so I couldn’t continue working on my business, I got into MASSIVE DEBT and couldn’t pull myself out of it, I gave my power away of my brand and business to others such that it fell apart, and stopped listening to what I wanted and what my intuition and heart said and gave the control to my fear and other people’s judgments, opinions and criticisms! 

It felt awful! I felt like I was living to constantly please other people, striving to be 'accepted' or to 'fit in', constantly being driven by the fear that I wasn't good enough to be in the fashion industry….that sooner or later someone was gonna call me a FAKE because I just couldn't believe that I could 'fit in', I felt like an outsider to fashion success, I felt I had to be someone else!! 

I stopped finishing my projects, work or ideas because I didn't BELIEVE I could make them good enough! I was always beating myself up in my mind with constant negative self-chatter and criticism, pushing myself to be better, only seeing the negative in me and my work!

What I slowly began to realise in my lowest moments is that when I did have the potential to have all my dreams, it was because of my thoughts, mindset, and how aligned I was to my heart!

I’ve had to do a lot of mindset work ADDRESSING my limiting beliefs to really see how they were just limiting me MASSIVELY and SABOTAGING me! To really GET what it means to truly believe in me! 

Because now I truly get you just CAN’T create true dreams and happiness until you believe in you! And it starts from the inside out! 

You can’t believe in you when you get *there*! 

Your happiness and belief in yourself cannot be based on anything on your outside! Because your outside can change in a second! 

I literally had to reach a breaking point in my personal life …

because I KNEW I was living the *wrong* life ….I literally felt like everything around me kept going wrong and falling apart, because deep down I knew I wasn’t being true to me!

& I simply made a decision that I deserved to be truly happy and to commit to following my dreams! To dream big and LISTEN to my heart and follow it instead of settling in mediocre, in feeling not good enough, in living out of alignment, in believing in fear and scarcity! 

I made a decision to MASSIVELY change my life and be the person I wanted to be! I stepped up and created a life that feels TRUE to me….where for the first time in my life I feel truly happy after never experiencing true happiness...

I feel a true inner peace and bliss inside. 

I don’t live with fear, anxiety, and worry like I used to! Because I have more and more faith everyday in who I truly am, how the Universe supports me and has my back when I am true to me, and how good enough and worthy I am of all that I dream of!  

I have eliminated people pleasing and worrying what people think of me, the self-doubt and negative self chatter! So I feel happy and an inner peace with who I am! I am authentic to me, I feel more purposeful, passionate and truer to me!

If my story resonates with your heart then I would love you to join my 4 week e-course today and commit to believing in you and making your dreams come true NOW!

I’ve called my e-course Dream Cosmo….as the ultimate *Cosmo* guide for the chic glamorous dreamers, the beautiful souls like me and you….who are full of dreams

My e-course teaches you everything that has been INTEGRAL to MASSIVELY shift my mindset such that I could take MASSIVE MASSIVE action to get me to where I am now….because if I hadn’t of worked hard and invested on my mindset, by investing in the life coaches, my personal development and committed to doing the mindset work DAILY I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Because the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is your MIND!

"If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for yourself?" Don Miguel Riuz

~ I love this view on life…. to use your creativity to artistically create your own pathway…. to use your creative imagination to craft out the possibilities, the details of your dream vision, as a creator and dreamer to not feel bound by expectations, ‘normalities’, or limiting beliefs because you realize that

YOU are the creator of your own dream, You are the artist of your destiny, and You are the designer of your life!

I want to inspire the dreamer in you to live with enourmous PASSION PURPOSE & IN FLOW with your HEART!

The dreamer that desires to feel beautiful on the INSIDE and out, and strives to be the best YOU you can be, who loves and appreciates fashion, beauty, and glam things in this world but wants to feel more fulfilled, ALIVE and mindful – to feel an eternal sense of happiness and peace with your true self, no matter what happens in your outside world….

…Being a dreamer is about having the faith, belief and courage to be who you know you already ARE, to be free to artistically express yourself and create a life from a place true to your heart, to be free to follow dreams and ideas and to create your own rules and destiny. 

It’s about being brave enough to act in spite of fear and self-doubt, embracing your struggles and not allowing failure to define you or make you believe you aren’t good enough or worthy enough!

If you battle with visualising how your dreams are even possible, let alone realistic, and even if they were you can’t believe that you could achieve them, if you are fighting against the expectations, rules, opinions and criticism of others and you just can’t move forward towards your dream life, 

I want to encourage you to believe in who you are and who you want to be, and love yourself wholly for your dreams, desires, and who you are, to move forward!

...Are you ready to create a life that truly LIGHTS you up? A life that you are head over heels in love with? 

Based on your heart's true Passion & Purpose?!

I’m looking for hearts and souls in alignment to mine….whom my message speaks to your heart and lights something up inside you….because you want a life full of dreams freedom and glamour in what ever way that looks like to you just like I do! 

If you dream like I do, and you want to get SUPER clear on the TRUE you at the heart….your PURPOSE, your passion, your dreams, 

So you stop self-doubting yourself, you stop self-questioning everything…..

& actually do the mindset work to break down all your fears, limiting beliefs and lack of belief in you so you can have the confidence to massively and powerfully move forward FASTER with more EASE…..

So you stop staying STUCK….so you stop allowing your lack of belief in you SABOTAGE your success…..then sign up for my 4 week self-study e-course below and get access to Module 1 TODAY!

DREAM COSMO self-study e-course is split into 4 weekly modules (you'll receive each by email as a 40+ page PDF packed with inspiring content, journaling exercises, meditations & audios):

MODULE 1: Getting clarity on the true you at the heart, your dreams, your vision, your life story, your message, what uniqueness you have to bring to the world, what your true purpose & passion is and what a heart-centred life looks like for you, that feels so true and in alignment to you!

+ The essential secrets & wisdom of the universe you need to know! 

+ Uncovering your beliefs and laying the foundations for crafting your vision, dreams, and purpose 

+ How to free journal and write from the heart to understand the true you by delving deep into your heart, and creating a mindful connection with the true you, as a self-love/mindful practice that creates clarity, insights, breakhtroughs, a change in perspective, to inspire and uplift you and write/manifest your dreams into reality 

+ Uncover your heart’s message + life story to understand the true you, develop a connection with your truest most powerful self, and get clear on your life’s purpose 

+ Clarity on the true you at the heart rather than the version of you shaped and limited by your mind, other people’s beliefs and expectations. 

+ Dive deep into how you actually feel in your life to determine your core desired feelings to inform your life dreams and goals and get clear on what a life of alignment / flow looks like for you 

+ Get super clear on your dreams, your purpose, your passion and the details of your ultimate dream reality, the life you would love to have if absolutely anything was possible, including a purposeful passion-based way to make a living 

+ Get clear on your WHY.....why this dream, passIon and purpose is so important to you because this fuels your action taking, and makes your fear and self-doubt irrelevent. 

+ Connecting to your future self through a meditation/visualisation practice to gain further insights from your higher/future self to further inspire clarity on your vision, your dreams, your purpose 

+ Visualise the essence of YOU at the heart and your dreams, as if your personality was a ‘brand’ - brand you, and create a vision board to communicate the essence/feeling of the person you would like to be and the dreams you want to create 

+ Actually DECIDE and COMMIT TO your dream and stop hesitation by challenging your self-doubting thoughts

MODULE 2: Uncovering & getting to the bottom of EVERYTHING that’s holding you back & stopping you from having your dreams; your deep fears, resistance, self doubt & sabotage patterns. How to completely change your mindset to reprogram yourself with new empowering beliefs and eliminate your blocks, so you have a success mindset that is in alignment to your dreams so you can achieve them more easily and effortlessly and aren't sabotaging yourself!

+ Dealing with deep childhood blocks by examining your parent's influence and limiting beliefs and any negative childhood experiences that will unconsciously be blocking & sabotaging you

+ Eliminating and dealing with negative self chatter and self-sabotaging patterns 

+ Identifying and healing your deep unconscious fear stories

+ Uncoverng who you need to be to create your success/reprogramming your belief system and creating a unique personal beliefs blueprint for your success and dreams

+ Turning around limiting beliefs so you can think and take massive aligned powerful action from more empowering beliefs

+ Dealing with self sabotage and making healing choices/decisions

+ Healing and dealing with any negative/toxic relationships/attachments in your environment

+ Dealing with any guilt and forgiveness needed on your self

+ Dealing with your insistence on struggling/running away from what's really going on

+ Creating your environment in alignment to you to inspire, uplift and propel you forward to your success

 + Getting clear on everything that needs to go & everything you need to walk away from

 + Decluttering 

 + How to approch 'I don’t know how to get there' 

MODULE 3: Uncovering who you need to be to create your dreams, how to truly believe and have faith in yourself, what you need to achieve your personal success, love and trust yourself, & get into true alignment with the you at the heart, and act from your divine powerful feminine energy so you can tap into your creative, intuitive, magnetic higher-self!

+ How to become the more powerful evolved version of you instead of allowing your fear & sabotage & inner child to have control over you

+ Trusting and having faith in you - self love and self care - what do you need to do to truly take care of you, honouring your needs and wants, 

+ Getting your feminine energy in balance with your masculine to become the empowered Goddess woman inside you!

+ How to go within and connect to your true self and ground yourself daily to keep yourself in alignment with your heart and prevent self-sabotage

+ Asking the universe for guidance and support and release limiting beliefs

+ How to truly surrender to receive amazing things 

+ Realising you are already good enough! 

+ Truly living and breathing and being the woman inside you are meant to be

MODULE 4: Success & mindset tips around taking massive powerful action in following your dreams and creating it all, e.g. productivity and actually doing the work successfully in a way that is in alignment to you, creating your own personal success habits, and becoming the powerful creator of your life by learning how to consciously manifest, so you can create/manifest a life you love and amazing opportunities for yourself

+ Creating a success mindset 

+ Knowing what it is to create true change and massively move forward 

+ Cultivating your power from change, decisions, and commitment

+ How to truly invest in you, your heart and dreams

+ How to truly be productive!

 + How to approch time, productivity, procrastination, uncertainty/self-doubt and dealing with frustration, how to organize, prioritize and discipline yourself

+ How to keep up perseverance in your dreams and ensure you are absolutely all in so excuses/self-doubt becomes irrelevant

+ The truth about failure

+ Creating daily success habits to truly change the direction of your life

 + How to consciously manifest, and manifest amazing opportunities


Get in now and step up to a more POWERFUL AMAZING you!!

Your Investment...

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the success mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one time investment of $297 TODAY!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

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Your e-course will be delivered in 4 weekly modules. You will receive Module 1 after payment.


What my clients say about me.....

“I swear since we've talked so many great things have happened”

“I found it so invaluable! I feel it really helped get me on the right plane for the universe to send opportunities my way :)”

“Working with Uma is such a delightful experience-through her passion, pleasant demeanour, and uplifting encouragement Uma has served as a mentor and friend to me throughout my personal professional pursuits.”

“Uma is a joy to work with. She has a delicate approach and is very sweet, conscientious and understanding. This shines through her ability to really listen and give amazing advice! She is so helpful!” 

"Uma is lovely to speak to! She is so positive and supportive, she always knows the right things to say I always feel better after speaking with her. I don’t know what I’d do without you!” 

“I’m so thankful for your inspiring powerful words !! They are seriously getting me through” 

"Uma puts a strong focus on making you more you rather than changing you. What changes eventually is your mindset. From a confused, negative mindset to a more positive, clear mindset."

"When I first talked to Uma, everything in my life was a bit chaotic and I felt really lost. What she helped me with was getting clarity and depressurizing myself. Uma has a very calming voice and she gave me a lot of space and time to express my thoughts and say them out loud. She asked the right questions so I could find the right answers. Ive been much calmer ever since." 


In my Dream Cosmo e-course:

  • I teach you how to journal from the heart, as a tool to get you super clear on who you are, the TRUE YOU at the heart, your uniqueness, what you truly dream and desire, your life's purpose and what a life of alignment looks like for YOU & tofind your natural authentic voice and uncover your heart's message, 

  • Get you to understand what you really want and desire, and stop getting so confused by all the self-doubt and negative chatter in your mind! You start to develop a connection with your truest most powerfullest self, so you are inspired to act from this space, rather than limiting yourself from acting from your mind (which is keeping you believing you’re not good enough).


  • Writing from the heart gets you clear on what your hearts message and ‘life story’ is which is key to unlocking your passion and purpose! There is a unique personal ‘brand’, a story and message inside you, and brand ‘you’ will define your destiny dreams and life vision to strive for! 

  • Everyone is unique and whether you can see it right now or not, has something SPECIAL to offer the world! Right NOW….there will never be a time when you’re good enough or ‘there’ to live your dreams! The only time is NOW! The more you can live and be through your heart the more purposefulness and passionate you’ll feel your life is!

  • I will get you super clear on your beliefs, values and future vision….your PURPOSE, your PASSION….what a life of FLOW looks like for you! You get to design your life and artistically create your dreams! Living your destined dream life is about being HONEST with yourself about who you authentically are, and having the confidence to ALLOW yourself to be that person truly, fully, deeply!

  • Dream Cosmo is about opening your beautiful self up to being more ambitious, bold and daring, and not holding back on your dreams and desires….to live truly, with faith from your heart! This is just your LIFE after all!

  • We'll be making sure your dreams excite you and and are POWERFUL enough to get you taking action and waking up with purpose! It’s not always a question about being practical and settling, dreaming small and confining yourself to whats around you. 

  • It’s about being honest with what you truly want and making your dreams big and exciting enough to get you taking action...for you to want them so badly you are absolutely ALL IN in every single way….so that no excuse matters, there is nothing that will stop you!!

  •  I will show you how to look at your parent’s influence, your childhood and past hurt that you need to heal to break through resistance, break limiting beliefs and patterns, and heal your fear story by creating your dreams in such a way that addresses and honours your needs and past hurt!

  • Everyone has an ultimate fear story that rules their life in some way….that usually shows up in the form of “I’m not good enough”…. based on limiting beliefs you learnt as a child from your parents/carers or negative experiences you had early on! This fear story unconsciously became a part of you, you soaked it up as a child when you didn’t know any better, you were a ‘victim’ to those beliefs, and they rule you ALL your life, in your lack of belief in you! 

  • Unless you massively address them and change your inner programming, they will rule and control you and you will continue experiencing the blocks you are experiencing…you will continue sabotaging yourself and making choices that are out of alignment with you because you don’t believe you’re good enough! 

  • Your decisions are like ripple effects! Choose and decide in alignment to the true you at the heart who IS so good enough!! Breaking down these blocks doesn’t have to feel deep dark and messy! You can break them down quickly once you become really aware of them and simply DECIDE to choose new beliefs!

  • I will show you how to create your dreams and your life based on your true needs, your past hurt, in a way that will help you make ‘healing’ choices for yourself, create a life that is true to you....that is nourishing rather than poison! 

  • I will teach you how to tap into your more powerful feminine GODDESS energy! We are taught to have more masculine energy…thinking, acting and doing based on logicalness, following strategy etc which makes us out of balance with our feminine energy! Like ying and yang we need both….our feminine is following and being guided by our heart/intuition, its inspiration, its ‘being’, its a state of flow…. I know as a dreamer you desire to flow in life, to be inspired, be guided by your heart, rather than follow strategy, be confined by shoulds and logic, rationalness and your mind! Tapping into your feminine energy and ‘being’ from your heart is key!

  • I will teach you to create a success mindset - creating your beliefs blueprint to program yourself to be able to take aligned and inspired action to create success and happiness easily and effortlessly. HOW to actually achieve your dreams….. When it feels impossible action, OVERWHELM and impossibility EFFORTLESS, all the work just FLOW more, and everything just FALLS into place more EASILY! Without force, manipulation, or FEAR because you have the divine thoughts and are DOING from a more soulful HEART place rather than acting from the self-sabotaging mind and ego!

  •  I will give you the tools to create the divinely hot HABITS, strategy, and the life changing simple magic of DAILY action! Sounds easy right?!

  •  I will be sharing my step by step guide on how to manifest amazing opportunities for yourself! Which you can implement on your dreams and goals! You will start to be more aware of the magic, blessings and miracles you CAN absolutely create in your life when you follow your heart, you believe in yourself, and have faith in the true you!

  • I have packed it full of inspiration, meditations and journaling exercises to get you feeling super peaceful, blissful, inspired and happy INSIDE!! 

  • And most importantly I am giving you tonnes of POWERFUL journaling exercises to get you to really breakthrough your blocks, your self-doubt, your fear stories that are sabotaging you and majorly holding you back! 

  • And get you feeling SUPER clear inside and out! 

  • Seriously journaling can magically change your life and is a POWERFUL POWERFUL tool to connect with your heart, to create your dreams into reality and manifest your dreams and to change your mindset!

I know you're a Dreamer, Beauty! You're full of dreams yet SO frustrated with how STUCK you feel.... in not knowing HOW or WHAT or WHY... Stuck in self-doubt, in feeling powerless, like you're not capable, or good enough....everything feels soooo unclear!

Yet you have this CRAVING inside you! You feel CALLED and PULLED by something bigger and amazing! To create a life that feels so much more purposeful…..where you’re living your true heart's PASSION! Where life just feels so much more meaningful!

Beauty….I know you're fed up of feeling so fed up and FRUSTATED with how your life currently is!

….with how you're NOT where you want to be…yet it feels so unclear where you do want to be….you have some ideas, you get excited for a while….then soon after you're like…

  • "ohhhhh….what's the point….
  • who am I kidding…
  • I can't do that….
  • ...Is that really my destiny?
  • ....what the F£$!& is my destiny meant to be?!
  • now's not the time…
  • I don't have the energy…
  • I just really don't know what to do…”

You freak out, you get overwhelmed, you don't believe in yourself….however hard you try yet at the same time you're waiting for something to happen! 

No matter how much time passes, no matter how much it seems like everything you do goes wrong....something deep inside you WON'T GIVE UP! It wants to create a life that FLOWS with purpose, passion and happiness that feels so true to your heart! You KNOW you could just be SOOO much more!

It feels like you’re going round and round in circles in your mind….you’re overwhelmed with the constant self-questioning and negative chatter

  • "no no I am happy….I should be grateful"
  • "who am I to do that?!" 
  • "I don't have what it takes" 
  • "I'm not good enough" 
  • "I'm not that type of person" 
  • "I was born in the wrong life" 
  • "I'm just not lucky enough" 
  • "I don't have the money" 
  • "Everything unfair happens to me" 
  • "Seriously the Universe is out to get me" 
  • "That would be too good to be true" 
  • "I just don't think I'm meant to be happy or content"

But yet you still have that DEEP nagging feeling inside you...

You can IMAGINE more

You wonder what the purpose of life is because it doesn't really feel like you're living it!!

You wonder is this REALLY your life? Will it always be like this?! 

You wonder what the HECK you are doing with your life

You feel so annoyed at yourself! You're such an ambitious, perfectionist, high-flying go-getter inside, yet your reality around you doesn't reflect that person you KNOW is deep inside you yet can't seem to get it together…so you start to question are you really that person?!

You tell yourself daily “Ok I need to sort my life out….today it's happening!

Deep down you just KNOW you could feel so much more ALIVE and full of energy….that you could wake up excited and truly energized to get on with your life! Where you don't just live for the weekends!  

Where you’re so full of energy you couldn't even imagine having right now! Where you're so much happier, on purpose, passionate, and just in FLOW with your heart!!

You know that you have SO much inside you that you could be offering, sharing, giving in the world….just by being you and living your life, living through your heart and soul!!! Giving all you have!

You know that you can do better! 

You almost feel like you're wasting away your SOUL….wasting YOU if things stay the way they currently are! 

In fact that thought kinda makes you feel a deep hopeless, despair and frustration, like you're killing your soul….The recent past experiences you have had that have made you not believe in your power and capableness….make you feel burnt out and exhausted with life!

You don't feel capable any more, a massive part of you feels like you don't have 'what it takes' to create success and happiness in your life anyway. 

A part of you has lost hope...has lost your sparkle of ambition, passion and possibility!

...Are any of these thoughts familiar…?

  • “I need a glass of wine”
  • “I can’t get out of bed”
  • “What is it actually like to LOVE what you do, to be so consumed, driven and highly motivated and in the flow you forget yourself?!”
  • “Why do I always feel so tired, overwhelmed, non productive?”
  • “Why do I feel needy, too sensitive, like there is something wrong with me?!” 

You’re obsessed with thinking just a little bit more….You’re like I just to need to sit down and figure out what to do with my life

….and every decision or idea you come to, you find you have to convince yourself daily why you should still do it….because your mind wakes up and tells you "what's the point?!" ….to then have the same conversations over and over with your mind! 

….You’re surrounded by people who just DON'T get it! 

Who think you're mad to be dreaming! 

Who think you think life is a fairytale and tell you it's not

….who tell you to be practical daily! Or to be realistic! 

They don't get why you're so unsatisfied…frustrated! 

Who tell you that unless you do the 'shoulds' …strategy…logic….what makes sense and is easy/straight-forward you're going to end up a FAILURE

….and you almost believe them because….look around you! You haven't created what you would truly love to! It hasn't worked out…..yet! 

You're diving deeper and deeper into them saying 'see I told you so!' You almost believe them! 

You wake up thinking am I mad?! To keep on insisting and thinking and 'trying' to create this dream vision I have?! That I don't even know HOW I'm going to create….I don't even know what a life of MORE looks like?!

You're DEFFO NOT crazy Dear Dreamer….and you're not alone!!

I have so been there….DROWNING in self doubt 

I kept on sabotaging and SABOTAGING myself deeper into my grave…into debt, depression, and total drama because of all my fear and lack of belief in me and my dreams keeping me sooooo stuck! 

I was so desperately holding onto the tiniest belief inside me that things just HAD to fall into place! Even though I had NOTHING to back it up! That I believe Dreams are the purpose of life....that a life without dreams isn't worth it! 

That SETTLING….easy…normal….a life following what's practical, the mind….is not for me and NOT the way to be!

Beautiful I know you know what I mean! I know how you KNOW you’re meant for more, but stuck in in-action, the frustration of also KNOWING your life could be so much more and that feeling of you’re just wasting your precious divine soul by NOT living and having that life that you dream of and ARE meant for is ...maddening...heart breaking for the potential you know you have inside YOU!

I know what it is like to feel like the black sheep who is NOT DESERVING of the life they dream of,

I’ve had the thoughts of I WISH I could settle, even thinking I’m spoilt, not GRATEFUL, for wanting MORE!

I know what it's like to feel stuck, glued in in-action, fear, self-doubt, failure, constant telling myself, today IS the day I get my life in order, THIS is the month I get it in order...

Today I need to decide once and for all what I need to do….and still being in in-action and stuckness a year later…(trust me a year can fly by when you’re stuck and trying to FORCE something to be when you’re so lacking in clarity, confidence, and being in alignment to your heart!)

…. I had a MASSIVE fear of failing AGAIN after my Fashion Business hadn’t worked out the way I had planned! 

I didn’t WANT to make another move unless it GUARANTEED success and everything was mapped out and clear….

I couldn’t bare any more negativity, failures, f$*!-ups, complete messes around me, dramas that felt like ‘hurricanes’ and to KEEP self-sabotaging myself….yet I just kept creating more negativity!  

I felt cursed!!

I read all these books on law of attraction, personal development, business coaching, followed loads of life coaches and spiritual teachers online, worked with coaches on my mindset and limiting beliefs, did tonnes of life coaching exercises and online e-courses. 

I did countless and countless of hours of mindset work… tried meditation, manifesting, tapping, journaling…..

I even went to see psychics to get the *answers* I was looking for! 

I just wanted everything to be have certainty to hold on to! 

But nothing felt right, I didn’t feel sure about anything!

...I know what it is like to dream of MORE but feel so GLUED to where you are now and unable to move forward because of FEAR, complete lack of confidence, CLARITY and negative beliefs! And just how frustrating this is!  

How this makes you criticise yourself even more! 

How you start to doubt yourself even more….get so confused and overwhelmed with how you just *don’t know* anymore!

My Beautiful Soul, is this you too?!…Because imagine if you could….

  • Get SOOOO CLEAR on your DREAMS & DESIRES, who you want to BE, what a life of PURPOSE, PASSION, FLOW and HAPPINESS looks like for you!

  • Identify your deep limiting beliefs and life long fear stories that are MASSIVELY holding you back from all that you desire and address them quickly to transform your mindset to who you need to be to achieve your dreams and create them into reality easily and effortlessly!

  • Wake up feeling like you’ve been longing to feel for soooo long, so much more full of energy, feeling so much more purposeful, passionate, excited and in-love with your life, ambitious, driven, and focused…..

  • Start connecting and living from your heart, the true you, where the deepest most unique powerful you lies, which has so much value and worth to offer the world, where you can start living to your fullest potential from, living your uniqueness, being the best you you could possibly be, you felt like a more powerful evolved STAR version of yourself and you were shining like you truly deserve to just by being the best true you!

  • Stop living your life to other people’s expectations/rules, worrying what other people think, people pleasing, hiding and playing small, not tapping into your fullest self, and feeling untrue to you

  • Create those powerful dreams, downloads and ideas you get from your heart!

  • Completely love and accept yourself as you are instead of being consumed with negative self- chatter and self-doubt!

  • Have the tools to go within to access your heart, your true self, and get your most powerful ideas, inspiration and downloads!

  • Deal with any guilt that is massively blocking you and making you feel unworthy!

  • Make powerful decisions to change your life dramatically and create the change you so desire!

  • Manifest amazing opportunities, magic and blessings into your life!

  • Feel immense true gratitude for your life!

  • Be so clear on your beliefs, who you truly are, your dreams and big picture vision that felt like your heart’s purpose, that it massively motivated and inspired you to act in-spite of fear and self-doubt, you were pulled by something bigger which caused you to stop self-sabotaging by playing small, keeping yourself limited or getting distracted by dramas in your life, or anything completely out of alignment to who you are. You’re not going to let anything stop you from elevating yourself and getting in the way of you and your dreams! You’ve expanded your mindset to stop you from limiting your success, happiness and abundance, and opened your eyes to the limitless possibilities to your dreams and ideas. You have the support to keep you in alignment and from self-sabotaging.

  • Have a strong belief in YOU! That you stopped soaking up people’s criticism/judgements, the “shoulds” and expectations thrown at you, and stopped questioning yourself on whether you’re wrong/selfish/almost crazy for wanting your dreams! Imagine how much more powerful the you who believed in herself would be!

  • Take massive aligned action that accelerated getting you to where you want to be and created the change you would love in your life, faster, effortlessly and with ease.

  • Stop relentlessly questioning yourself about what you were meant to be doing, how you need to sort your life out, what your destiny is, whether you should just be grateful, trying to figure everything out, feeling lost, wondering whether you’re making a mess of your life, why you just can’t make anything go right for you and you keep yourself from succeeding…..

  • Stop having that frustrating feeling….of how your life could be so much MORE, how you’re capable of so much more, how you’re settling, how you know this just isn’t meant to be your life, but you don’t know how or what to do about it, how you’re fed up of going with the flow, you crave massive change like yesterday….

  • Learn to STOP believing your thoughts and mind and allowing them to hold you back, so you started to feel more confident, believed in yourself, stopped feeling so unsure and full of self-doubt and things just seemed so much clearer! You were able to recognise the voices that tell you you’re not good enough, that make you believe you’re not capable enough, or how you’re not the type of person who does all that you dream of, you’re not lucky enough, that who are you to have that dream life?! That keeps you second-guessing you, that makes you feel self-conscious and hide and not show the world who you truly are, that makes you worry what other people think of you, that you’ll look stupid, your dreams and ideas are stupid…and makes you believe others over yourself, that now isn’t the time, you’re not good enough yet….

  • Create your life in alignment with who you are, to not be defined by any toxic relationships or feelings or feel like a bad person because you’ve connected to your true essence, and your life reflects who you are, you’ve created it so anything that doesn’t serve your needs isn’t there/doesn’t affect you

  • Learn to honour and respect all your feelings, take notice of them, follow them and truly learn that they mean something and reflect your inner needs, they are powerful messages from your heart telling you what doesn’t serve you, telling you how you can have better! What if you learnt how valid your feelings are and how entitled you are to feel a certain way, and stopped wondering if you should or shouldn’t or whether you should be more…or less….and accepted how you felt and realised how you felt was important, and you had to address your needs, and the MAGIC that happens when you honour and respect your needs. You can stop second guessing and questioning yourself whether you’re ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to be feeling or thinking or coming to your conclusions, to worry whether you’re sabotaging yourself.

  • Trust yourself more to make the right decisions because you pay attention to your heart and your heart ALWAYS knows the truth! and when you pay attention true magic and happiness comes into your life when you follow your heart’s needs. You start to feel justified and worthy of who you are

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one-time investment of $297 today!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

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Your e-course will be delivered to you in 4 weekly modules! You will receive module 1 automatically after payment. 

Get in now and step up to a more POWERFUL EVOLVED you!!

I know how impossible and faraway your dreams feel but I really and truly want you to know your dreams CAN come true! More easily effortlessly and MAGICALLY than you think….

 Because did you know that….


The ONLY thing that is stopping you and making everything so much harder is the illusion and mirage created by your mind?! 

And you are NOT your mind! The stuff your mind tells you isn’t real

…..your MIND that keeps you playing small, keeps you hiding, makes you believe in fear which isn’t real and is just an illusion! 

It keeps you limited to beliefs you could change in a second to bigger LIMITLESS beliefs 

(because that is all it takes to change your life and create your dreams….a change in belief!)

 “You’ll see it when you believe it” - Wayne Dyer

Your mind is there to sabotage you. YOU are not your thoughts. Your mind is EGO and FEAR! 

And your heart is your SOUL and LOVE! So would you rather come from a place of ego (thoughts) or soul (heart..feelings…intuition)?! 

Your mind wants things to be plain sailing, simple and safe! It can't cope with limitless dreams! All it knows is what is currently around you, and it can only think in terms of survival so it wants it to stay that way. 

The part of you that believes….craves for….deep down KNOWS you're MORE than what is around you and in front of you…..the part that feels almost like they're not truly living the life you’re meant to with passion and purpose….it's REAL!

This is your heart!! 

Your heart is the everlasting part of you! 

Your heart is so real and you have to trust and have faith that you SHOULD follow that feeling….and if you follow the feeling and follow desires and ideas from within, that's what's real….that's what your HEART is telling you to do, the stuff that your mind tells you to do…it's not real. 

Your mind's a B$%@, and it is definitely NOT your BFF!

When you live TRULY from your heart (the TRUE you), which is basically when you're being YOU exactly the way you authentically are 

(without the limitations of what people expect of you, your people pleasing ways, what your mind tells you you should do and be, and the life you live and limit yourself to, because you listen to all your mind created fears of how you're not good enough!) can NEVER fail at being you!

The only things you will fail at is when you're NOT being true to you…aka you're being and doing from the mind and people pleasing 

(which can only mean fear and limitations) and NOT carrying out your soul's purpose and heart's desires….aka you're out of alignment with your soul.

I think that's the most comforting thing I've ever heard! 

That you can NEVER fail at doing YOU! You can never fail if you follow your heart TRULY! 

You can never fail if you're being so authentically true to you!

Your heart is limitless! 

The true you at the heart is so infinitely AMAZING! 

So infinitely POWERFUL! 

So infinitely BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT and good enough!!! 

NOTHING will ever change that! NOTHING will make you more or less! 

There is NOTHING you need to buy into to make you believe you aren’t good enough! 

Think what is possible Beautiful if you had a truer deeper connection to your heart! If you went within and listened to your hearts desires and actually acknowledged them as REAL! 

Because they are REAL!! And if you created your dreams and acted from THIS space!!

Instead of the space of your limited mind….

That tells you all day everyday you’re not good enough….who are you?! That keeps you feeling small and hiding….believing others over you! How do you honestly expect to create your dreams successfully from this space?!

Can you see it’s all just a matter of mindset?! 

That you HAVE to go within and follow your inspiration from the heart, and then bootcamp your mind to act from this space! 

Can you see how badly you’re sabotaging yourself when you don’t take control of your mindset, when you listen to your mind over your heart?! 

Beautiful….YOU as a human are ADDICTED to thinking! No matter if you even knew it was BAD for you you can't help but think!

Your thoughts create your reality. Because your thoughts determine the action you take. 

You can't take the RIGHT SUCCESSFUL aligned action if you have the wrong thoughts…If you’re not believing in yourself. 

You're not going to jump from a cliff if you believe you can't fly!!! You're not gonna create the success in your life if you believe you can't! No matter if you tell me you're doing the 'right stuff' …you’re at least trying. If you don't believe in it you can never take the right actions! 

It is ALL about your inside! It all starts within! And then the action is super easy!

So thinking the right thoughts is SUPER important! And your thoughts are determined by your beliefs! 

Your beliefs are what’s ULTIMATELY controlling you like a jockey controls a horse at an unconscious level! 

You do not have control over your thoughts unless you change your beliefs! It’s like trying to make a horse go in a different direction when the jockey (your mind) is trained to go in another direction!! IMPOSSIBLE!

Can you feel it beauty….how your beliefs will ultimately create the RESISTANCE, the blocks, the frustration, the invisible brick walls you face?!

You have to create new beliefs that are in alignment with your heart, your dreams and who you want to be!

I'm going to go through all the mindset tools I have learnt over the past couple of years from top life coaches, through all the programs and teachings I have gone through, because I so badly wanted CHANGE in my life, 

I'm going to tell you the stuff that massively helped me change my perspective and caused me to MASSIVELY shift, to stop sabotaging myself, to change my beliefs which then MAGICALLY changes your reality! 

...Beautiful I know you’ve heard the saying your life is like a mirror! 

But do you truly get what that means? 

How you’re standing in the mirror staring at it and wishing so HARD for your reflection to change! 

But your reflection aka your life outside of you CAN’T change! Until you change! 

Change comes from the inside! Really and truly!! And like a mirror it will INSTANTLY reflect back to you in your outside world!

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love” - A Course in Miracles

It is as simple as that if you're consistent in doing the mindset work!! And I'm going to teach and show you how! And get you doing the routines and daily practices to keep on top of your mindset consistently because if you want something you need to TRAIN and BOOTCAMP your mind to be of the mindset of the person that already has it! 

You get to decide who you want to become!

Because I know how much you think you just need to think more to figure everything out! 

I finally learnt that this is POINTLESS! You will NEVER reassure your mind enough! Until you become more mindful and conscious of what is going on

….you have to train yourself to ignore the chatter that goes on in your mind and quieten it down!! And go within and listen and FEEL what your HEART tells you to! 

Because those thoughts will never go away no matter how much 'success' you have! What will change though, is if you choose to listen WITHIN more, and learn to ignore and quieten the mind and train your mind to have thoughts that are in alignment to the true you!

…..You know when your heart sends you messages Beauty!

  • Those lightbulb moments!
  • Those drops of inspiration
  • Those FEELINGS..
  • That inner sense of calm, trust and faith….
  • Your imagination
  • The ideas that excite you and light a fire of passion inside you…

….even if it is just for a second (until your mind kicks in and starts chatting to you)

If you followed those feelings truly and deeply….and allowed those feelings to override your emotions, your fear, your self-doubt….then you're doing and creating from the heart

Those beautiful moments you've experienced, if only for a second, where you feel on point with yourself, in the zone with your TRUE self!

Don't you want your whole life to be like that….to at least strive for that?!

That’s what I believe the PURPOSE of life is ….to connect and CREATE truly from your heart….to realise your true self and be, do and have from your SOUL!

The purpose of life is NOT to follow what your mind tells you you SHOULD do, to listen to and BELIEVE the fear stories it creates, that you SUCK, that tell you to HIDE!! 

That make you think you have to wait until you're 'there' and all good enough....

We came here to follow our hearts….we learnt fear….we were taught fear! 

You know it because deep down a life without your heart and dreams feels sucky!!! 

It is the only thing we have to hold onto! So how can you choose NOT to follow?!

...If you're a dreamer like me I know you STRUGGLE with the anxiety, the worry, the constant self-doubting….the feeling small, the wanting to hide, because you don't feel good enough, you're too self-conscious to be noticed for who you TRULY are! 

You feel too clutzy, shaky and clompy inside to have what it takes to create all these big chic sophisticated ideas you have!

To me….the fact that you CAN'T fail at being YOU (aka your heart and soul) is such a comforting thought!

Know that if you stepped into who you truly ARE and on your SOUL's pathway… can't fail…it's what you came here to do, it's why you were born. How could you fail at that?! You only fail when you're NOT doing 'you'!

You weren't born for mediocre, for settling, for just okay. You are a magnificent SOUL that is so much MORE than this limited lifetime. 

How can you doubt the worth, the power, the value, the wisdom inside you?! In your heart which is so much older and just MORE than this life?! 

Why do you choose to listen to your mind Beauty, which isn't here for long?! Why do you choose to believe the fears? When they're so insignificant compared to the beauty and longevity of your heart and soul…

Why do you choose to hide by being someone you THINK you have to be, by following the rules, the shoulds the musts, the generic life steps you think you have to take to be considered normal, successful, good enough! 

Why do you choose to believe that you need to change who you are naturally?! Don’t you think the true you, who you are naturally is so so perfect and good enough! How can you not believe in how perfect and beautiful you are at your heart?!

Beauty….when are you going to CHOOSE to embrace your uniqueness….

your ideas, your drops of inspiration, your imagination, which can ONLY be from your heart, when are you going to believe in that stuff?! And dive deep into it…..

The best shot you have in life?! Is doing YOUR HEART!!

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the success mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one time investment of $297 TODAY!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

  • When you click this button you will be taken to a payment page (Paypal and credit cards are accepted), your e-course will be delivered to you by email in 4 WEEKLY modules

Your e-course will be delivered in 4 weekly modules. You will receive Module 1 after payment. 

If you’re ABSOLUTELY ALL in on your dreams you HAVE to take action NOW and do whatever it takes to get there! By COMMITTING to you and your dreams TODAY Beautiful! 

When you’re absolutely all in the self doubt, lack of belief, money, energy, inconvenient circumstances and fears are irrelevant! 

They are EXCUSES! 

You don’t tolerate your thoughts that keep you stuck and in resistance, you listen to your heart and FOLLOW through and have FAITH!

Beautiful if this speaks to you and you KNOW you were born for a life of dreams, of purpose, passion and meaningfulness! 

If you know you’re not believing in you, how you don’t feel good enough, I ask you to make a commitment today to CHOOSE now to have faith and BELIEVE in you and how you feel! Your dreams are SO real! They CAN come true! And the only thing that is in the way is the mirage and illusions of fear created by your mind!

If my Dream Cosmo e-course is speaking to you listen to your heart’s first instinct! If this offer sparked something inside you, resonated with how you are feeling and inspired you, listen to and believe those feelings, they are so real! 

Your mind will always come in later with thoughts like “We can’t afford that now”…..”you need to be saving your money for other things”….”you can’t create your dreams”….”you don’t have what it takes”….”I’m not in the right place now”….”I need to wait until….”!

Decide to listen to your heart today!

Decide to have faith in your heart and who you truly are!

Decide to have faith and trust in the universe that it will guide and protect you as soon as you start to believe in you and be true to you! 

Decide to believe that when things go wrong….when you experience unhappiness….it is the universe pushing you to choose something amazing….pushing you to choose to believe in yourself so you step up and SHINE by being the true you from your heart!

Decide to love and honour yourself today by following your feelings!

You absolutely CAN have the life of your dreams! The sooner you know and really believe it so you can create them, the better!!!

Whats more, I believe you’re reading this page because you’re exactly like me and I can’t wait to meet you! I’ve created a private Facebook group Dreams Hub, so you can join other like-minded Dreamers in my online tribe and get private access to me where you can ask me anything and get support from like minded Dream Girls in getting the life you desire…who will hold you accountable and believe in you even when you don’t fully!

I know what it's like to feel stuck, glued in in-action, fear, self-doubt, failure, constant telling myself, today IS the day I get my life in order, THIS is the month I get it in I need to decide once and for all what I need to do….and still being in in-action and stuckness a year later…(trust me a year can fly by when you’re stuck and going with the flow, and trying to FORCE something to be when you’re so lacking in clarity, confidence, and divine alignment to your heart!)

Your life is you standing in a mirror except you’re staring at your reflection wishing it would change! But your reflection can’t change! You have no control over your reflection unless you change you! You change you by taking action on your mindset and addressing your limiting beliefs! You have to change your reflection from your inside, and then this reflects back onto your outside! Dreams and Happiness starts from the inside!

I know how faraway, overwhelming and impossible your dreams feel today, but when you work on your inside world, it’s like MAGIC happens, your world just shifts and clicks around you to accommodate you, and suddenly you can accelerate getting to your dreams more easily and effortlessly ALL with a shift of your mindset! 

Because your limiting beliefs create barriers and brick walls and make your life HARDER! You can only see with the perception of struggle, hardness, impossibleness, not good enough!

The more you just sit there, in thinking, pondering and in-action, the more it will ALWAYS remain unclear, and the more and longer you will remain stuck where you are NOW!

Remember the only real moment is NOW, your life is NOW, the past and future doesn’t exist. The only time you can make your future life glammer, chicer, better….more purposeful, passionate and meaningful is NOW and this is what Dream Cosmo is all about!

To create a life that is full of Purpose and Passion and Dreams!

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one-time investment of $297 today!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

  • When you click this button you will be taken to a payment page (Paypal and credit cards are accepted), your e-course will be delivered to you in 4 weekly modules by email.

Your e-course will be delivered to you by email in 4 weekly modules. Module 1 will be delivered automatically after payment.

Get in now and step up to a more POWERFUL EVOLVED you!!

I believe everyone is so amazing, beautiful and perfect at the heart! You are so powerful, capable and limitless! The world is waiting for you to be the best you…the true you and so is your heart!

I would love to support you and have some AMAZING content to give you! Dream Cosmo is ALL the words of wisdom I needed to hear, the actions I needed to take that shifted me MASSIVELY into divinely aligning myself to my Dreams and I want to give that to you too Beautiful Dreamer!

Because I know what it is like to dream of MORE but feel so glued to where you are now and unable to move forward because of FEAR, complete lack of confidence and negative beliefs!

I want to help you and I'm SO passionate about believing in you and following your dreams! Which is why I've poured my heart and soul and literally bared myself in my Dreams Program to give you everything that has been soooo valuable to me!

I literally see the same pattern with ALL my clients I work with, and it ALWAYS comes down to their believing in themselves! 

Beautiful…. say to yourself “It is my time for my dreams and I’m ready for this right now! Enough is enough! I commit to believing in me and I commit to following and making my dreams happen! Today it’s happening! Right now!”

And know what it is to move FORWARD versus staying STUCK where you are!

JUST because you KNOW you’re destined for more doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it, that it will land in your lap, that it is a matter of 'luck' whether you get to live your dream life….if you KNOW you’re destined for more you HAVE to take massive action, in aligning your mindset to your dreams! 

I have been there! And now I’m going to support you Beautiful Dreamer in telling you everything I wish I knew, and giving you all the wisdom I WISH I had so that I could have been living my dreams sooner, faster, happily!!

It is SO important to take action and divinely align yourself for ALL that you’re MEANT for so that things CAN THEN magically shift and click around you to fall into place. You can only attract the things you are a vibrational match to by doing the work on your inside!

TRANSFORMING your attitude and getting you in the zone so you CAN attract and manifest all the things you need, the clarity and crystal CLEAR vision you need to take EFFORTLESS action to reach your goals!!! Creating your DREAM LIFE is effortlessly easy once you use the wisdom of the universe, and you’ve done the mindset stuff and WORKED on your thoughts and beliefs and you’re in divine alignment to your heart!

Dream Cosmo is for you if you are a DREAMER…

  • ….you really and truly believe in dreams….you really don’t want to limit yourself and keep yourself confined to where you are.

  • You are sooooo OPEN to CHANGE and NEW perspectives….you are READY to dive fully into you heart because your souls is so hungry to be so much more alive with purpose, passion and flow!

  • You are so ambitious you are going for the stars….even if you don’t fully believe it yet, you don’t know HOW yet, you just know you want it, you want to be able to unleash your powerfulness and supernova to the world and SHINE and embrace fully who you are!

  • Even if you haven’t figured out HOW or what, even if you don’t believe you have what it takes, even if you’re feeling frustrated with where you are…even if you are feeling small and SUCKY at how your life is just not how you imagined it to be and want it to be, because this doesn’t represent who you are and who you know you could be!

  • Even if you’re shaking with fear, you have so much self-doubt and unsureness in who you TRULY are and what your destiny is! Even if you ask yourself am I really destined for the life I imagine and dream of?! Or should I just be noble and humble and accept and be grateful for what’s around me and just sit back and mould in to the background, and not be noticed?!

  • Even if this is you, you’re absolutely ALL in somehow to create your dreams and you’re never gonna give up going for MORE! You’re NEVER gonna stop dreaming, you’re never gonna stop getting back up and craving and running after MORE, you’re never gonna just SIT BACK, settle and feel contented….You’re going to do the work to get you there, you’re prepared to run and hustle your hardest through all the challenges and uncomfortableness that comes with change and up levelling and getting out of your comfort zone! You’re going to believe in yourself even when the closet people around you make you doubt yourself!

  • Because you can’t take a life of settling, of mediocre, of purposelessness, you KNOW you’re destined for so much! You know deep down even if you haven’t connected with your greatness in FOREVER and you worry you’ve lost it, you know somehow you’re BORN for the stars Beautiful! And you’ll look back one day and wonder why for so long you stayed so stuck and confined in that!

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one-time investment of $297 today!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

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Your e-course will be delivered to you in 4 weekly modules! You will receive module 1 automatically after payment. 

Get in now and step up to a more POWERFUL EVOLVED you!!

Dream Cosmo IS for you Beauty...

  • You want a glamorous life

  • To feel beautiful from the inside out

  • To have your Dream job/business that you’re passionate about, that encompasses all your talents, your personality, where you can be the high achiever, the star that you are!

  • To have friends around you who are in alignment to your dream life - people who just get you even the cray parts of you! That support and believe in you (even the times you don’t!) and light you up and inspire you...who allow you to GROW in positive loving ways

  • If you’re FULL of ideas to make things happen but get stuck in actually implementing them - even believing you CAN - “now’s not the time” “i can’t make that happen” etc etc, you put off and put off, procrastinate, in-action, forever making lists of your ideas and dreams, researching them, imagining them, you have no problem coming up with great ideas, but just are yet to do them

  •  If you’re trying to figure out what your purpose, your DESTINY is….racking your brains what it could be (trust me you already know) and for the record your destiny is being you!!! And your destiny is determined by you - you have free will!

  •  If you’re trying to DEFINE who you are into a neat little labelled box….and trying to make you, your dreams all fit neatly together (you're so much bigger than that…a STAR doesn't fit into a box, there is no need to label and limit yourself by said labels!)

  • You’re a high achiever and have high standards….you’re ambitious, you want the best, you put your ALL into your work, you work hard, you always want to do more for yourself, nothing is ever good enough, you set the best standards for yourself, you’re not impressed with anything but the best...and you don’t believe in mediocre…

  •  You’re a bit of a perfectionist to yourself telling yourself you can always do better

  • Sensitive/ LACKING CONFIDENCE… easily self doubt yourself, you easily SOAK up people’s negative attitudes towards you, e.g. the criticism and judgements, the negativity, the limiting beliefs - the “shoulds” thrown at you, the expectations, the lack of belief, understanding, compassion of who you are and what you’re about and what you want to do and WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, the decisions you’ve made, even questioning your sanity, whether you're 'stupid' for even thinking….

  • You may have even been called 'selfish' or impractical, away with the fairies….as someone who dares to DREAM outside the norm

  • You’re fed up of going with the flow, the boring, depressingness of your current mediocre life….(I’m not saying you’re not grateful!! But your soul knows there is MORE and better for you, you have potential to create a better life….this doesn’t feel quite right!!) And you want change like yesterday!

Whatever your current life situation is, however bleak your dreams seem, however stuck in a rut you are, however full of despair and lack of hope you feel in believing you can create more, to go and create more….NOW! 

Not when things are better, not when you have more money, not when you feel good enough, not when you're in a dream relationship….not when you have more time! 

Whatever excuse you have…..there is no excuse, there is nothing that can hold you back if you well and truly want it!! 

You can have more purpose NOW, you can manifest and create your dreams quicker than you think! You can just feel happier quicker than you think…just by being and working on being more you! 

Your heart doesn’t want to wait another day for your dreams! If you know you were born for more….you really and truly desire more purpose, passion and meaningfulness and to truly believe in you then I’d LOVE you to be a part of Dreams Cosmo!

So are you a glamorous DREAMER?! Do you believe like I do?! Are you ABSOLUTELY 100% well and TRULY, DEEPLY ALL IN on your dreams….on creating MORE! Purpose, passion, flow?!

Make the decision now! You have a choice! Are you going to or are you not going to?! Are you going to let the fear win or your HEART (the only true and real thing about you)?!

You’re not gonna get any of the things you want until you wake up and jump fully in….and that means shedding everything that isn’t in alignment to you….not tweaking your life and hoping that it will bring you the moreness, the purposefulness you crave….

Its about diving FULLY into your heart which will inspire you to LEAP of a cliff and FLY! And create MAGIC!

...You'd be mad to let your mind and fear win!

Get the entire Dreams Cosmo e-course and get super clear on your PURPOSE & PASSION, the true you, how to believe in you and create the mindset needed to create your dreams into reality…. for just a one-time investment of $297 today!

Yes I am a Dreamer! I’m ABSOLUTELY ALL IN on my Dreams and living a life of PURPOSE PASSION and meaningfulness!

  • When you click this button you will be taken to a payment page (Paypal and credit cards are accepted), your e-course will be delivered to you in 4 weekly modules by email.

Your e-course will be delivered in 4 weekly modules! Get in now and get Module 1 delivered to you INSTANTLY and step up to a more POWERFUL EVOLVED you!!

If you have any questions about purchasing Dreams Cosmo please feel free to email me and my team at we will respond within 24 hours.